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Support this petition and help get the word out to create a social media movement called #SaveMuhammad to bring mainstream media attention to this story. Please tweet and Facebook the following after signing this petition: #‎SaveMuhammad #‎Voice4Peace #‎UnitedPeople4Peace #‎UPP2020 Once we reach significant signatures, we will send…

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I am journalist contributing articles to various online newspapers. At the moment I just want to show my work with the hope that you will…Read More

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Articles Listed By Date   List By Popularity Page 1 of 7    Next   Back   First   Last     View All Tuesday, December 31, 2013                  Pakistan Is Being Ruled by Criminals(1 comments) Pakistan might be the only country…Read More

At the moment I am facing various threats to my life. I am just needing the help of all the peace loving people.

OpEdNews Diary: My Life Is In Real Danger

At the moment I am just needing to be relocated as my life is in real danger. I am facing various threats to my life. :::::::: I have remained regular contributor to OEN for the last so many years. I have always tried my best to write the truth. There will be no denying the the fact that I have always shown the truth to the world. But at the…Read More