The Highlands of Iceland—the heart of the country—are one of the largest sub-arctic land masses in Europe unsettled by humans. The uniqueness of the area's natural wonders, its flora, fauna, geology and geomorphology, the unique interplay of fire and ice, and its exceptional contrasts in landscape rank it among the last large wilderness areas in Europe.

Roads have been added to the Highlands increasingly in recent decades, and untouched wilderness is rapidly declining. Growing pressure further threatens these wilderness areas with massive hydroelectric construction projects and electric transmission lines. Aluminium refineries and power companies plan to build at least four dams in the highlands, against the will of the public. 56% of respondents voted in favour of the creation of a national park in a 2011 Capac ENT Gallup poll. Over 80% of foreign visitors consider nature their main reason for visiting Iceland. 

Please support the majority of Icelandic voters, the Icelandic Environment Association, the Travel 4x4, Touring Club, Travel Society Recreation and Confederation outdoor companies in protecting Iceland's Highlands. The "Heart of the Country" should be spared from further disturbance and preserved as a National Park for the enjoyment of future generations of Icelanders and visitors alike.

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