It is a sin that our Federal Government has taken most of the benefits away from our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, especially help for those with PTSD. The homeless and starving veterans deserve better treatment and we will not rest until they get it.

I knew I was changing on a daily basis while in the operational environment. When I came home my wife could not understand nor did she care to; as I "was a field grade officer." ='s my time in operational enviorments "had to be limited..."

Investigate the denial of civil rights of a PTSD veteran…Read More

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The federal Department of Justice (DOJ) calls this a state issue and the state refuses to acknowledge the issue. We, the undersigned People of the United States, are deeply concerned how the State of New Jersey has denied a decorated, combat, PTSD veteran of the United States, his due rights as the plaintiff against a corrupt state government…Read More

To EACH And EVERYONE Of America's PTSD Veterans
You'll Never Walk Alone

You are in our prayers, our thoughts and our hearts...