Many kids from low-income families do not have access to computers or internet from home. This means that the only access they have is at school. However, many schools are limited to the most basic software packages offered by Windows/Mac operating systems. Open source software is free to use for anyone. It is developed and maintained by a community of dedicated programmers and engineers and is constantly growing. Many enterprises and system administrators have used LINUX software for years despite the popularity of Windows/Mac OS. The LINUX platform is light and fast and easy to learn. It offers a wide variety of software and capabilities that would cost thousands of dollars under proprietary licensing (Windows/Mac). LINUX based OS is also an excellent second chance for older computers that have become too slow to handle the latest software technologies. While some proprietary software is not compatible with LINUX, there is a plethora of software including office and creative suites which kids can use and learn for free. Help out the kids by making your old computer a portal for kids to explore the wide world of computer software and open the door for them to discover new and exciting technologies many families could not afford otherwise.

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