My heart aches for this family

  • Update #9

A good friend of mine visited the shelter today and took this picture. This mom had just delivered these kittens. They are all laying on metal which gets very cold. These are things Greenville County Shelter does not want us to see. These kittens came from…Read More


  • Update #8

I want to first thank you all for your support. We need 754 more signatures to reach our goal. Please invite your family and friends. I am excited get to our goal as soon as possible. There is still a lot of work to be done. 

Can we reach 10,000?

  • Update #6

Great news!! We have over 8000 signatures!! Can we get 1500 more? I believe we can. In a few days I am going to be sending this to the proper people. I have all email addresses, ect and it's ready to go. Meanwhile, I thought it would be amazing if we had…Read More

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