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Tell Greenville County, Sc That Killing Kittens Is Wrong!

Please sign this petition to send a strong message to GCACS Susan Bufano and her supervisors. According to the petition this is what it is happening: "Killing kittens under a 100g at GCACS is wrong! Kittens that are being born at GCACS are being taken from their mothers in the first few hours. Many kittens are born under 100g and are completely healthy. As a matter of fact, after speaking to several vets it is common for kittens to be born under a 100g. Only a few breeds are 100g or more. This must stop now!" Please sign to save the lives of this poor innocent angels.

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Tell Greenville County, Sc That Killing Kittens Is Wrong!

First of all, the city council members should pass an ordinance that make it mandatory that cats outside running around off owner's property must be spayed and neutered. If not, citate them. The city of Greenville County, S. C, should help fund a spay n' neuter aprogram for the indigents. This is done in other cities and is successful. Why should a kitten lose its life because of an irresponsible owner? In most states it is a state law that any cat that is adopted from the shelter must be spayed or neutered. Call PETA in Norfolk, Va. I feel they will help you and help and maybe get a Spay n' Neuter program setup or offer to Greenville County, S, C, I feel that the city officials are not being kept aware of what is going on with the pet overpopulation problems in the community or they would be doing something about it.

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