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Have Facebook support Animal Rescue & Related.Topics

Rescurers and Animal Advocators; Facebook is restricting your Posts they are not appearing in the Newsfeed of your Fans.

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    Animal Advocate: Owner of Last Chance Critter Rescue & Cleo's Critter Creations: Tilting at…Read More

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Susie Rae Ray
Susie Rae Ray Campaign leader

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING POLICIES AT FACEBOOK This article explains much better then I can some of the changes that have been made…Read More

Facebook Page Posts Not Showing in News Feed: What’s the Deal?
I���ve written about Facebook���s Edgerank algorithm before; it’s responsible for determining which stories end up in your news feed. In the early days of Facebook everything made it into the news feed, much like Twitter. Today, Facebook has algorithms that determine what stories it thinks you will find most interesting. It’s true, many people…Read More
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