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Support Nevada Cattle Rancher Cliven Bundy

Pigford is an illegal gifting land to false entitled which is a point of contention devised by the sham govt since their 1963 coup detat that will pit races against each other instigayting Civil War II just as the same Demonicrap Potty caused by refusing to abolish slavery and although losing thw war has continued its lawlessness and KKK murder squads and secret societies. Please see the plight of white South African farmers suffering through unimagined genocide which also was instigayted by homosexual deviant infiltrants:

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Laura Monroe

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Support Nevada Cattle Rancher Cliven Bundy

The time has come to oust all governmental terrorists! Non of us own this land, it's all of ours!! There is enough of everything to go around, every man is our brother, but government pits is against one another, racism, financial lack, laws, more laws, taxes, where is the peace? Time to wake up! Stand together, love, help, share..... Unite!! For the Christians, Christ taught us to love, share, and reserve judgement, for the liberals, you've lost the meaning of the word 'liberate' for the activists, fighting has never been the answer!! But neither has theft and deception, this man is trying to defend what he has felt he has bought and paid for, how sad our government has renigged on what our forefathers promised to all!

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