This gives the wrong images to women and disrespectful. Being a police officer over 32 years I have seen enough real violence against women. It's not right.

The message you send young girls is one of violence not one of style, or, fashion. Appeal to their sense of decency & respect. It's better than this perverted crap you feel sells your clothes. You prey on kids who already suffer with low self-esteem & other issues that requires professional…Read More

"It just looks like a homage to horror movies that's happens to be squarely planted in fashion's tradition of using violence against women…Read More

Tell Vogue Italia that abuse is never glamorous

Good question

Why is violence against women ever sexualised? - Telegraph
My instinct would be that it’s to shock. After all, isn’t that what all these fashion magazines do to sell copies – try and create something controversial so that other publications will re-publish it and thus give them more coverage (yes, like I’m doing now, but I am making a serious point here). There’s even a term for it:…Read More