200 RABBITS SEIZED (total) and are being given away FREE with no adoption restrictions!

SHINNSTON -W VA -Harrison County

Rescues are currently asking to work with Animal Control.   (More Rabbit Rescues are needed).   FOSTERS BEFORE TRANSPORT ARE NEEDED!!!

According to the news article rabbits are being given away FREE and adopters assume all responsibility for the bunnies once they take them.  The AC shelter is acting under the Sheriff's (humane officer) instructions. All 63 rabbits are gone from seizure date 4/4/14 to today 4/5/2014.   6 are safe in rescue and 57 were given away FREE.

After speaking with the shelter today, we were informed that there are no restrictions on adoptions as would be with dogs and cats.  They will only hold the next 114 seized bunnies (for rescues) for one day.

If they are picked up Wed (as AC stated) they will be FREE again on Thursday to the public!  OR according to the news article below they will be picked up Monday or Tuesday!

We are all aware of where most FREE rabbits end up!  e.g. Snake owners, Zoo's, Dog Bait, food, etc. 

If you can foster, transport or take rabbits into your rescue Please contact:

Main Contact, Lisa White: [email protected], 240-401-4176

Lisa Daloia: [email protected], cell 484-410-7374 home 302-326-0989

Placement has been made for 21 rabbits, 93 left to place, FOSTERS ARE IN NEED FROM THURSDAY TILL SAT or until transports can be arranged. 

Please open your hearts to the rabbits in need and share this post with your friends.

News Story:


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The rabbits in the photos at the link below have been given away FREE excluding the 6 in rescue.

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