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Stop The Cancellation Of "The Diamond Collar" On Own Tv

Please do not cancel the Diamond Collar television show. It draws attention to the plight of homeless, abused animals and shows how normal every day people can make a difference. James Guiliani and Madelena Perrelli's rescue center and their efforts on behalf of animals draws attention to the cause of homeless and abused animals and inspires others nationwide to do the same.

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Laur Vachet

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Stop The Cancellation Of "The Diamond Collar" On Own Tv

The Diamond Collar is a great show of two people who love animals and do whatever it takes to make sure they get homes. They also make sure they are adopted to good homes, they do a home-check a day or two later to make sure the animal is happy and in a good environment. Also, one of their rules is if the person(s) whom adopted the dog/cat, does not want the animal, they are to give it back to The Diamond Collar. I watched all of the episodes on OWN network and was touched to tears at times at the love, compassion and dedication James and Madelena showed these animals. Please do not cancel "The Diamond Collar" on OWN. They already have lots of fans and viewers who are dedicated to watching their show and are behind them in making their dream becoming a reality, with the hopes of them (James & Madelena) some day having a sanctuary. From one of their biggest fans, I ask from my heart, please, do not cancel this show. Regards, Laurie Vachet

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