Puppy mills are factories that mass produce dogs by breeding the same pairs of dogs as often as possible while keeping the dogs in poor conditions. Then when these dogs can no longer produce, owners of puppy mills either sell them off or kill them. The way dogs are treated in puppy mills is the reason all puppy mills should be shut down.

In puppy mills, animals can spend most of their lives in cramped cages with no room to play and no exercise. There is no climate control and there can be constant exposure to conditions of the weather (which can include extreme heat, cold, rain or snow) or alternatively no access to fresh air or sunshine. The food is often inadequate. Young dogs are made to breed at their first heat, and when the dogs can no longer produce puppies they are killed off. In addition, there is limited or no access to veterinary care in puppy mills - even though the dogs are more likely to have health problems because of lack of grooming and hygiene (which can lead to illness, severe coat matting and foot and nail problems). Often workers in puppy mills dock tails, crop ears, do claw removal and perform surgical births, even though they have no veterinary qualifications.

Puppy mills supply pet shops around the world with puppies, so pet shops are the main buyers that keep puppy mills operating. Puppy mills in Australia are even selling puppies to pet stores in Singapore to make a huge profit. At a very young age puppies are transported for hours, sometimes days, and when they are finally removed from their transport cage they are put on display in a glass box or cage and their price tag is $4000-$8000 each. If they are not sold, puppies at pet shops become breeders in another puppy mill. In many cases breeding dogs are locked in a barren cell, continually impregnated and deprived of company, affection, exercise and proper veterinary care until the last days of their lives. There can be no doubt that puppy mills should be shut down.

Puppy mills should also be shut down because puppies bred in mill conditions suffer severe health and behaviour problems. Not only is this cruel for the animal, it also means the puppies can’t become good pets. In Australia dog breeding is not sufficiently regulated. Breeders only need to provide dogs with access to food, water and shelter. This does not cater for their needs for exercise, good living conditions, exercise or socialisation. Obviously the Australian government needs to have better regulations for dog breeders and fines for those who don’t follow the regulations.

The goal of this campaign to give information to those who are unaware of what a puppy mill is or how puppy mills are operated. By supporting this campaign you can help reduce the amount of dogs sold in pet shops. This may help shut down puppy mills.

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