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Stop The Killing Of Horses.

I love horses !! I have since I was born. My Momma told me that instead of my first word being "Momma" or "Dada" or "NO - you know , the usual first words of a toddler . Mine was "HORSE" ! I have wanted one all my life . My favorite show growing up was "My Friend Flicka". But growing up as a daughter whose Dad was in the U.S. Air Force , owning a horse was not possible , cause we moved so much. But all my life I continued to yearn for the horse I never got. They are beautiful , graceful , intelligent animals. The mistreatment of horses seems to be very common . Like the mistreatment of all animals , I can't understand or condone that ! Now , they want to slaughter them and send the meat Overseas to the cultures that consider horsemeat acceptable. Well it is NOT and never will be in the USA !! We don't eat it , so why are they going to be slaughtered in Canada or Mexico - since thankfully it was stopped here. Well , to stop it all together , we all stand together , sign all Petitions, write letters, make phone calls and protest ! NOW !! So , please sign this Petition and share with all of FB ! Thank you ! Krista/animalwoman ~ Voice of the Voiceless

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