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Block Re-authorization of the Patriot Act

The USA Patriot Act grants the government too much authority, in violation of several Constitutional rights.

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Louis Esparza
Louis Esparza Campaign leader

Rep. Rush Holt, D-N.J. tried to repeal the Patriot Act in 2013. Lets build on this by refusing to re-authorize the Patriot Act when it…Read More

The End Of The Patriot Act? Antispying Bill Gains Support

International Business Times
Congressional support is growing for a bill that would roll back privacy regulations to what they were before 9/11. H.R.2818, introduced this summer by Rep. Rush Holt, D-N.J., has gained five cosponsors this month, all Democrats. Also known as the Surveillance State Repeal Act, the bill would repeal the USA Patriot Act of 2001 and the FISA…Read More
Louis Esparza
Louis Esparza Campaign leader

Members of the House threaten to not re-authorize the Patriot Act.

House committee urges US government to get behind NSA reform bill

the Guardian
Members of Congress who want to end the National Security Agency's mass collection of Americans’ phone data sharply warned the Obama administration on Tuesday to get behind a bill to end the controversial practice, or risk losing the counter-terrorism powers provided by the post-9/11 Patriot Act. Deriding the paucity of legislative alternatives…Read More
Louis Esparza
Louis Esparza Campaign leader

Meta-data reveals sensitive information about our lives.

MetaPhone: The Sensitivity of Telephone Metadata « Web Policy

Co-authored by Patrick Mutchler. Is telephone metadata sensitive? The debate has taken on new urgency since last summer’s NSA revelations; all three branches of the federal government are now considering curbs on access. Consumer privacy concerns are also salient, as the FCC assesses telecom data sharing practices. President Obama has…Read More
Louis Esparza
Louis Esparza Campaign leader

Senator Bernie Sanders explains that surveillance prevents the operation of a "free society."

Statement by Senator Bernie Sanders on NSA Surveillance

eNews Park Forest
WASHINGTON--(ENEWSPF)--March 25 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement today on reports that President Barack Obama intends to seek another 90-day extension of the bulk collection of Americans' phone records before asking Congress to make private phone companies store the records: “As someone who voted against the Patriot…Read More
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