Red Card Russia campaigned to

Suspend the Russian Federation from the FIFA World Cup

We believe people must take an urgent and unambiguous stand against Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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    A public initiative which is calling on FIFA to ban Russia from the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil…Read More

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RCR talks to Kyiv Post

Expatriate group urges FIFA to ban Russia from World Cup

Los Angeles-born Michael Perry isn’t a politician, but the Kyiv-based construction company owner is convinced that he can be helpful in restoring the balance of justice in the world. Together with like-minded friends he set up Red Card Russia, a grass-roots campaign aimed at getting Russia expelled from this year’s World Cup soccer tournament. It…Read More
Red Card Russia
Red Card Russia Campaign leader

FIFA prefers not to notice Russian aggression, but Ukrainian footballers set an example to follow!

FC Dynamo Kyiv withdraw from inaugural match against FC Spartak Moscow - FC Dynamo Kyiv. Official club website

FC Dynamo Kyiv have officially withdrawn from the friendly against FC Spartak Moscow which was to become the opening match at the Russian side new arena. Taking into account current political relationship between Ukraine and Russia FC Dynamo Kyiv consider the trip to Moscow to be inappropriate. Copyright © 2014 FC Dynamo Kyiv
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