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Brett Kukulies

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Open Jury Trials In Australian Family Courts

This is a pledge to all Australian children to give them all the energies to have a safe and meaningful relationship with both sides of there familys no mater what differences come between there parents ,for the psychological emotional and physical support that they may need for their identity to be included completely in the fabric of a happy healthy caring society.

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Monique Wijbenga

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Open Jury Trials In Australian Family Courts

I am a mother of 4 children , after years of being a woman who supported her "EX" partner through thick and thin, working in our farming / transport business. I always tried hard to be the supportive partner, to be a good modest mother and believed I did do a very good job . My family meant everything to me. The drinking and I " assumed " substance abuse seemed to change him. I must say that he is a hard worker ( Interstate truck driver )but by playing hard and partying hard , hardly ever home, was not very family orientated. When he was home the " mates were always around, ( not that I denied him his mate time , which any man should be aloud to have, or woman for that matter, as relationships are suppose to be build on partnership and trust.) Something I tried to teach my children too, good solid values, respect , integrity, self worth, honesty, ownership of your actions, being able to stand up for yourself and helping ( Not doing everything ) others. Family time was not really there. After years of emotional abuse and none supportive partner, due to being accused of having affairs, threatening other people with his accusations and stand over tactics I ended the relationship after 17 years. After that happened the stalking and abuse got worse. One instance after we separated , he came around one morning picked up a lot of machinery and tools, took the number plates of the family car, whilst I tried to stop him, threatened to kill me with a screw driver, the police was called after the incident , an AVO was put in place. Still would receive a message stating " ha ha you will not be driving the car any where " . Now I lived out of town and the 4 children and I had no vehicle to drive. It really The children are at present under " control ", I find it very hard at present to be able to have contact with the children , without his interference. Whilst going through family court, I was under a huge amount of stress, in hind sight a lot of things went wrong, certain solicitors not doing their job properly , court documents being filed wrong. Here by I would like to ask you for your support, because this affects a lot of men, but also woman. We ask you that there should be a good out come for both parties, more scrutiny in the legal system, more accountability, transparency. The only way to have good children is to find a balance between the parents, so the children can grow up being whole some beings, with both parents having equal rights. Parents jobs are to teach their children to stand on their own two feet, making them feel loved, appreciated and respected and that the door is always open if they want to come home. It does not mean given them every " materialistic " thing they want, because the most precious things in life are free . With regards, Monique P.S There is always two sides to every story, but I can tell you that I gave it all I had.

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