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Sasha Campbell
Sasha Campbell Campaign leader

This article is a brief overview of factory farming and shows the sides of factory farming that people need to know. It shows the effects…Read More

Factory Farming | End Factory Farmed Cows, Pigs & Chickens

Factory farming The majority of the world's farm animals currently live in miserable factory conditions, raisedusing 'production line' methods. High output is achieved by subjecting the animals to intense and prolonged suffering. They live short, barren lives, spent in cages, crates, overcrowded sheds and narrow stalls. There is no guarantee of…Read More
Sasha Campbell
Sasha Campbell Campaign leader

This article is a great read as it has a lot of facts that make you think twice about what is happening and why it must stop.

Factory Farming

While meat consumption has increased greatly, the number of meat producers has significantly reduced. We now eat ten times more chicken than in 1960, but the number of chicken farms in Australia has plummeted and two corporations now produce the majority of our poultry. Similarly, between 1970 and 2002 the number of pig producers in Australia…Read More
Sasha Campbell
Sasha Campbell Campaign leader

People should read this article because it gives a good insight to what factory farming is, what is does, and the effects it has. This…Read More

What is factory farming?

Behind every chicken product is the story of an individual bird. And behind each price tag is a hidden cost. The story most chickens share is life in a factory farm. And the price they pay is immense. Most people don't realise that birds like this one, will be as young as 5 weeks old when they are sent to slaughter. Yet in these short few weeks…Read More
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