Currently Frankston City Council runs a story time in Frankston North but you can't borrow books to take home. I think this is disgraceful given what we know about the importance of Early Literacy Programs. Reading Aloud Every Day to Every Child is the best way you can set up a Child for success at school. Professor James Heckman ( directly shows low literacy levels affect employment opportunities, family violence, teenage pregnancy and your chances of ending up in jail. 20% live below the poverty line in Frankston North. If you are struggling to put food on the table even if you wanted to you cant afford quality children's books for you Children. Frankston Council Library has a $3.5million budget, $600,000 for new books and they will not spend $1 on a book for the kids in Frankston North. As a community we can not afford another generation to grow up without every chance of success. Please send Frankston City Council a clear message that the Children of Frankston North deserve a Children's Library.  

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