My campaign goal is to raise awareness on the killing and slaughtering of endangered species of sharks and how we can impact/help save the population of them.

Many people are unaware of the greatly decreasing populations of sharks all around the globe because of slaughtering and finning of these species. The shark species is decreasing smaller and smaller in numbers every day. In the last 50 years, the slaughter of sharks has risen by 400% and by 2017 it is anticipated that 20 species of sharks could become extinct.

For our ecosystem it is extremely important for us to conserve the shark species and to not destroy their population. Sharks are often the apex predator in the ocean which means that they keep the ecosystem balanced an allow populations of other creatures to maintain healthy levels. As our oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface and inhabits 80% of life on earth, maintaining the ecosystem is critical to life on earth. Sharks regulate the quantity and health of other marine life, helping to keep fish quantities in the ocean healthy. Sharks mainly target the weak, old and unhealthy fish which in turn stops the spread of disease throughout fish populations. Through sharks picking off the weak and elderly fish it means that fish will have a stronger gene pool which means more species and fish will survive and for us a more diverse population of sea creatures to fish and catch food from. For a very long time now people have been convinced that if we start killing sharks and taking them out of the ocean that there will be a big boom of fish populations but now some scientists are thinking that the opposite affect would happen and the existing population would be wiped out by disease.

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