On October 19, 1981  a sister, aunt , cousin, grandchild and friend Bonnie Sue Mitchell of Lynn, Massachusetts was literally taken by the hands of her ex-boyfriend, George "Chris" MacNeill. She was fifteen years old. Convicted of First Degree Murder for the strangulation of Bonnie Sue, George Christopher MacNeill was to spend his life in jail without parole. Due to a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on December 24, 2013, MacNeill is now eligible for parole because he was a minor at the time of the murder, and charged as an adult. As you can imagine, our family and many others is devastated at the prospect of his and many others release.  My aunt was taken from our family at a young age . She doesn't have a voice  because it was taken from her so our family now is her voice to keep this killer behind bars where he belongs. We are asking that you take time to read our aunts, sisters story and pass it along to your family and friends.And have them sign and pass it along. Please join us in keeping this killer where he belongs by signing this petition to protest his parole and potential release.( http://masscases.com/cases/sjc/399/399mass71.html) my aunts case please take time and read..

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