Establishing and operating an animal sanctuary can’t be an easy task anywhere in the world, but running a cat sanctuary in a country like Serbia, where cats are utterly marginalized and often horribly abused and where their suffering passes virtually unnoticed, it sounds like mission impossible… From the very beginning, setting up and maintaining Cat Shelter Felix, the one and only cat sanctuary in Serbia, has been a courageous and risky project that no one has ever dared to try before but it's also living proof that even when things look darkest, if there’s a will there’s a way.

Some of the Felix kitties are very old, disabled or chronically ill and most of them have lived the tough street life for years until they arrived at the shelter where they have finally found safety and learned love for the first time. However, years of street life have left scars both on their bodies and on their minds, they have all had more than their share of trauma and suffering and that’s why their long and tiring journey ends here at the shelter. None of the cats are, nor will be, put up for adoption, they will stay in this place they know and love for as long as they live. Their forever home is in fact a unique cat haven with plenty of open spaces where all of the rescued cats are provided with a lifetime of care in a cage-free environment. The sight of happy kitties that are playing, running and resting, completely relaxed, probably for the first time in their lives is absolutely heartwarming.

Cat Shelter Felix depends entirely on donations and every kind of help is always needed, welcomed with gratitude and greatly appreciated. We have to emphasize that we have never been provided with any kind of support from the state in the form of governmental funding to help us care for sheltered cats. Not even the city officials have ever offered us any kind of assistance or even moral support in the least so the survival and well-being of 115 Felix kitties totally relies on the compassion and generosity of shelter’s supporters all around the globe who are enabling all of those once neglected and abused little creatures to live nice, healthy lives, well cared for and very much loved.

If you cannot donate, please share our story far and wide! Thank you all so much in advance!



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