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Dylan Saler
Dylan Saler Campaign leader

Human Interest Story - This is about a 19 year old who has invented a machine that could clean up 7,250,000 tons of garbage every 5 years…Read More

The Ocean Cleanup - Boyan Slat

Millions of tons of plastic debris are polluting world's oceans. Plastic reaches the oceans mostly from land through rivers and waterways, and then accumulates in 5 areas of high concentration, called gyres. Not only does it directly kill hundred-thousands or even millions of aquatic animals annually, its fouling may spread harmful algae and…Read More
Dylan Saler
Dylan Saler Campaign leader

This article gives you an insight into how the garbage gets to the garbage patch and how it’s formed. It talks about different patches…Read More

HowStuffWorks "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch"

In t­he broad expanse of the northern Pacific Ocean, there exists the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, a slowly moving, clockwise spiral of currents created by a high-pressure system of air currents. The area is an oceanic desert, filled with tiny phytoplankton but few big fish or mammals. Due to its lack of large fish and gentle breezes, fishermen…Read More
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