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Caitlin Carnes
Caitlin Carnes Campaign leader

This article is about the appalling conditions that workers in factories are put through. To sew a Victoria Secret bikini, workers are…Read More

Victoria's Secret, Slave Labor And So-Called "Free Trade"

The Huffington Post
When you slip on your Victoria's Secret garb, remember this: it comes to you partly due to the wonders of so-called "free trade." And, in particular, that little Victoria Secret garment (I guess "little" is redundant in this context) may even hail from Jordan--which was supposed to be the poster child for how one forges the "right" kind of…Read More
Caitlin Carnes
Caitlin Carnes Campaign leader

Thirteen years old, malnourished, beaten and kept out of school to harvest cotton by hand in Burkino Faso. This is Clarisse’s story.

Victoria’s Secret Revealed in Child Picking Burkina Faso Cotton

Clarisse Kambire’s nightmare rarely changes. It’s daytime. In a field of cotton plants that burst with purple and white flowers, a man in rags towers over her, a stick raised above his head. Then a voice booms, jerking Clarisse from her slumber and making her heart leap. “Get up!” The man ordering her awake is the same one who haunts the…Read More
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