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Prohiba Ventas Ilegales De Perros En Facebook De Puerto Rico

Miles de animalitos mueren a diario en nuestras calles por: hambre, enfermedades, maltrato, abandono, atropellados y por total negligencia. Vamos a hacer la diferencia...EXIJAMOS AL GOBERNADOR que prohiba la venta de animalitos a través de las redes sociales...porque??? Porque así minimizamos la cantidad de animalitos realengos en nuestras calles, la explotación de hembras, la cantidad alarmante de animalitos sacrificados e refugios-a diario!!! POR FAVOR-FIRMA-COMPARTE-EDUCA

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Nora Quinones

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Prohiba Ventas Ilegales De Perros En Facebook De Puerto Rico

Actually, all sales of dogs in and out of Puerto Rico need to be outlawed immediately, it's not in Puerto Rico economic best interest, while some are making a living, others are burden with the cost of the impossible task of providing medical attention, food, and shelter to millions of dogs on the island. The cost is borne by the million of dogs that get euthanized in a year. It's going to take every PUERTO RIcan to take a stance in regards to the government enforcing the laws, or do we start shaming our neighbors we know do not spay or neuter, or our neighbor who we know let's their dog roam free, neighbors that we know sell dogs, do we shame the vets, for not uniting and spaying and neutering all homeless dogs, we are the government, so we can take matters into our own hands and let the Puerto Ricans on the island, that it is not business as usually, that these folks who have total Disregard for their fellow Puerto Ricans, will need to be made aware of the shame and pain they being to those trying t

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