Deforestation is the removal of a large amount of trees in a

forest area by us humans to produce timber products, paper, wood etc. This impacts the environment greatly, it destroys all habitats of animals in the areas forcing them to retreat to a new place or they might have no wear to go and die from all the destruction of the forest. During my campaign I’m trying to send a message across to the construction companies to source their timber products from a known company or use steel products for construction use to reduce the use of timber.

The reason for this is to reduce the amount of illegal wood imported into Australia for construction use. To also try and get some of the companies to make the switch to using steel for construction use, it’s more recyclable, stronger and you need less of it to make it as strong.

The Illegal logging from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Solomon Islands and deforestation in general has a huge impact on the earth. All living things on Earth including us humans rely greatly of trees to produce oxygen so we can breathe. Rainforests cover 6% of the Earth's surface. More than 20% of the world's oxygen is produced in the Amazon rainforest alone. The amazon rainforest is approximately 1.2 billion acres, and yet it is only 54% of the total Rainforests left on Earth.

We can try and do our part by sourcing our imported building material properly and doing some background research in where it comes from and how it’s collected whether it’s illegal or in a commercial environment. We can try and make an impact in what we use as building material. We can change what materials we use to construct around Australia and use more recyclable and more sustainable products to reduce the use of timber products. Steel is a good contender because it’s strong if not stronger then wood and you need a lot less steel to make it just as strong and the best part is that it is highly recyclable.

If we can stop importing illegal timber and use timber that we know the background of where it came from or switch to steel it can make the reserved forested left untouched from illegal poachers taking trees down and it can help the survival of the endangered species in the forests. If things change now and can stay like this for many years, the area of the forests will increase and then more animals can come out of endangerment gain more habitat and more forest area we have over the earth the more oxygen is being produced and more Co2 is being taken out of the atmosphere.

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