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Take the 2018 World Cup away from Russia

Russia waged a war by invading and taking part of Ukraine ... not cool. You don't get the World Cup Russia.

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The 2018 World Cup matters - its the single biggest sporting event in the world. Awarding it to Russia was a matter of national pride, and…Read More

Putin ready to invade Ukraine; Kiev warns of war

MOSCOW/KIEV (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded and won his parliament's approval on Saturday to invade Ukraine, where the new government warned of war, put its troops on high alert and appealed to NATO for help. Putin's open assertion of the right to send troops to a country of 46 million people on the ramparts of central…Read More
gavin Campaign leader

We reached the 5,000 target... but signatures have slowed in recent days. We need new networks of sports fans, Ukraine's friends, and…Read More

Crimea: World Cup Own-Goal for Kremlin?
Could 2018 become the new 1980? It might, if recent initiatives aiming to use a major sporting event to punish Russia for geopolitical misbehavior can gain traction. Back in 1979, it was the Kremlin’s military occupation of Afghanistan that prompted a US-led boycott of the Moscow Summer Olympic Games the following year. The trigger today is…Read More Please sign also my petition on AVAAZ and forward to…Read More

FIFA: Stop World Cup 2018 in Russia/Stoppt die Fussball-WM in Russland 2018

“According to Article 3 of the FIFA statutes: ‘discrimination of any kind against a country, private person or group of people on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics or any other reason is strictly prohibited and punishable by suspension or expulsion.’” A festival of football , such as the 2018 World Cup is the…Read More
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