,The reason we should turn for one hour onsSaturday is to show respect, and concern for all living things on this Planet.
In the beginning, there was darkness, before the Creation of Animals. We came last.
We should respect those that were here first,and is my reason for turning off ALL power for…Read More

I'll be going dark for Earth Hour on March 29. When the house is dark and I turn off my dusk-to-dawn outdoor light, I have a great view of the stars above the nearby forest. It's awe-inspiring -- and it draws me closer to nature. Maybe we don't really need all the lights we burn.

bra cause----70-talets släck där du inte är. Ta ansvar för klimatpåverkan helt enkelt och låt ej el-jättarna profitera

Try to imagine a lifetime without electricity then consider its an hour of your Life with no electricity. It's only an hour.

My boyfriend's 10 year old has become so dependent on electronics and video games. This is a strong way to not only teach him the importance of non-electronic stimuli but about the global epidemic and how people join together to express their concern. I love Earth Hour and have participated for 4…Read More

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