Children are innocent and did not ask to be brought into this world so it's our job to give them the best life has to offer. The better we raise then the better adults they will become.

The way I grew up, the environment that i was surrounded with was extremely unhealthy. what I witnessed as a child has given me a diagnosis of PTSD. Don't let this happen to other children. Its as simple as someone raising their voice against what they see or witness, or reporting.

IGP Member, Director and Former Member pose during a Service Day at IGP. We will have a soft opening by mid-April 2014. Soon all of our…Read More

help prevent child abuse during Child Abuse Prevention Month

Becausr f the childen being murdered or exploited in this cuntry and abroad. Disappearing and missing on a daily basis. And that my local CYFD are allowing chikdren t remain in homes that should not be there and they later end up dead by the hands of their abusers. They take children that should…Read More

Child abuse is more widespread than we may realize but those who have experienced it are scarred for life.