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Luke McDonald
Luke McDonald Campaign leader

Conflict diamonds are a known thing. It’s a known fact where they are smuggled from, when and even how much every year. It’s tragic that…Read More

Partnership Africa Canada - Conflict Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds Lightweight, valuable and easy to mine and smuggle, rough diamonds have been responsible for fuelling some of the worst armed conflict in Africa—from Sierra Leone and Liberia to Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. More recently countries like Zimbabwe and Angola have emerged as the main perpetrators of…Read More
Luke McDonald
Luke McDonald Campaign leader

After years and years of violence and death, good is being done in a country that needs it most. It heart-warming to see that people around…Read More

Sierra Leone 'blood diamonds' not forever

BBC News
20 May 2012 Last updated at 20:33 ET By Mark Doyle BBC News, Koidu The west African state of Sierra Leone has taken another symbolic step away from its wartime image as the home of the "blood diamond". An Israeli-owned company has started operating a big new stone-crushing plant at a modern diamond mine in the east of the country. It is…Read More
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