Orang-utans are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss that results from logging in Sumatra. In Sumatra palm oil plantations are being made every hour and some can be the size of over 55 rugby fields. Orang-utans lose their habitat when trees are cut down to build plantations; they are shot or squashed by falling trees or unable to find new territory. In the past decade, orang-utan populations have nearly decreased by 50% in the wild and the average forest lost in Indonesia so far is 498,000 hectares. This must be stopped, if we wished the orang-utans from extinction.

Orang-utans are more important than palm oil obtained from plantations in Sumatra. Palm oil is in multiple products such as bread, biscuits, and chips, even care products such as shampoo. Products that contain palm oil aren’t always labelled appropriately. Only half of the packaged products on Australian shelves are labelled to identify if they contain palm oil. If products that contained palm oil were labelled, people would stop buying then this would help the orang-utans in Sumatra because it would reduce the number of palm oil plantations.

Hopefully this campaign will stop the amount of palm oil plantations being made in Indonesia and thus help the orang-utans stay alive in their habitat. Orang-utans have 95% of the same DNA as what human’s do, so people should prioritise this species to save from extinction.

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