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This Article is about the changing of governments affecting the new same sex marriage laws. People should read it so that they understand…Read More

High Court strikes down ACT gay marriage law

Video Image The High Court has ruled against same-sex marriages in the ACT today. Newly married gay and lesbian couples pose for a photograph at Canberra's Old Parliament House on December 7, ahead of the High Court decision. Picture: AFP Source: AFP THE High Court has unanimously struck down the ACT's gay marriage laws. The decision will…Read More

This is another article about the Sochi Games and more specifically Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin’s ban on propaganda of…Read More

Gay Rights Activists See Insult, Opportunity in Sochi Olympics

Kevin Jennings is a lifelong fan of both ice hockey and the Olympics. Last weekend he took his young nephew to an outdoor NHL game at Yankee Stadium. But when the boy asked if he was looking forward to February's Olympic hockey tournament, Jennings had a surprising answer: He won't tune in. "I think the leaders of the Olympic movement should be…Read More

This article is about the Winter Olympic Games being held in Russia, where same sex interaction is illegal. People should read this article…Read More

How Sochi Became the Gay Olympics

The Atlantic
The Winter Games are serving as a barometer for the international politics of LGBT rights. A demonstrator holds a rainbow flag and the Russian national flag during a protest against Russia's anti-gay laws outside the Russian embassy in Berlin. (Reuters/Thomas Peter) In August 1982, 1,350 athletes from 12 countries gathered in San Francisco for…Read More
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