Our goal is to legalize same sex marriage in Australia and potentially worldwide. Currently in Australia, the law does not allow same-sex partners to marry within this country, which also means they aren’t applicable for family benefits and aren’t applicable to other benefits that also come with marriage such as adoption.

One of the main arguments towards same sex marriage is a child’s deprivation of their father figure or mother figure, however, countless single mothers and fathers have raised children and being both comforting and stern and playing both roles to the best of their ability. Does this mean their children have been deprived?

 Many children have both a mother and father in their life and yet there is still negligence and mistreatment, who is to say that two loving women can’t raise a son better than a mother and alcoholic father can. Who is to say two Dads can’t comfort and support and teach a daughter, the same that a mother is supposed to do. In a world where parents make mistakes and aren’t perfect all of the time, who is to say one human being can do a job and nurture a child better than another.

 To raise a child, you don’t need a mother and a father, to raise a child you need to guide them to make right decisions, support them, love and nurture them. How could anybody have the audacity to think that someone’s sexual preference makes them unable to give a child that upbringing?

 I believe that even a simple contribution such as ‘liking’ Facebook pages will show support and if the majority of Australian’s wish to have same-sex marriage legalized, this will influence the government’s decision on the matter greatly.

Same sex marriage should be legalized to achieve equality and to meet article 16 of human rights so that same sex couples in our country and throughout the world feel as if they are treated fairly and have the same rights as everybody else and also allow same sex partners to marry in this country legally and allow them to receive equal benefits from the government.

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