I live 8 miles from Culpeper, VA, very close to the epicenter of the earthquake a few years back. I think it was due to the fracking in WV over the Blue Ridge Mountains from us. Plus it destroys the groundwater because of pumping chemicals into the ground to get the natural gas. The natural gas…Read More

Parce qu'il ne faut plus commettre le péché originel, Péché voulant dire erreur, L'erreur nous barre le chemin vers la vie éternelle en faisant de nous des bêtes.
Voila ce que cherche à nous dire Jésus Le Christ, le Sacrifié pour nos péchés.
Seriez vous assez bêtes de renoncer à la vie éternelle…Read More

two words: The Philippines

Fracking is very danger way to extract carbohydrogens from the mother earth, causing enormous pollution for the environment for long long time.

Fracking is a world wide problem....Greed is also a world wide problem...Put them together and we have a MASSIVE problem... It causes (1) Air pollution- mainly from the flares which vent excess gas pressure from the fracking process...(2) Water pollution-from the tons of chemicals (which are pumped…Read More

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