all people in the world need water... we have more than many countries....yet if we allow fracking we will have none. We also may be dead due to this.

Fracking had been proven to be unsafe and ruins the water table.

Fracking (Fracturing) Is An Insult of Unspeakable Proportions To The Very Matrix Of Being, Reflecting A Hideous Dislocation And Unpardonable Ignorance In Understanding In The Perpetrators Of This Genocidal And Ecocidal Venture. What Is It That Has So Inured Them To Their Own souls That They Have…Read More

Because fracking is as depicted in this video. And because fracking is coming to my friends and fellow Canadians in New Brunswick. And because fracking is coming here to British Columbia, where it will destroy natural areas of incalculable value - as well as the lives of those directly affected as…Read More

What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.

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