No story, just that we're human, the planet has been here billions of years before us, why do we always have to ruin everything by trying to ruin the very thing that gave life to us?? I'm just fed up with hearing about how we once tried to nuke the atmosphere to see what the effect was, or the…Read More

on fracking: "it's actually good for the environment!"

Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono Campaign leader

Rebecca Roter lives in PA where her community continues to feel the impacts of fracking. This is her reflection on our recent tour of PA's…Read More

ban fracking in New York

A letter from Yoko Ono, written while visiting Pennsylvania communities impacted by fracking:

After being invited to visit Pennsylvania by residents who have experienced the impacts of fracking, my son Sean and I decided to go see the harms of fracking up close…Read More