Rebuild by Design is an initiative of President Obama’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Its goal is to develop innovative and implementable solutions as the region rebuilds to mitigate the impacts of future climate events.

The Interboro Team is one of ten teams selected to participate in Rebuild by Design. We are an international team of architects, planners, and engineers.


Living with the Bay is our comprehensive regional resiliency plan for Nassau County’s South Shore. The goal of the plan is to make the communities around the South Shore’s bays more resilient in the face of future extreme weather events and sea-level rise, but also strengthen what makes living near the bays great in the first place.

Living with the Bay proposes to mitigate the damages from storm surges by strategically deploying protective measures such as constructed marshes and dikes; manage stormwater in order to mitigate the damages from common rain events as well as improve the water quality in the bay; and expand housing options in high and dry areas near public transportation. 

You can learn more about the plan by reading our executive summary.

Rebuild by Design is a competition to bring federal funding to Sandy-damaged areas, with winner(s) to be determined in April. Nassau County is one of ten areas competing for the federal funds. In addition to demonstrating that this plan will make Nassau County more resilient in the face of future extreme weather events and sea-level rise, we have to demonstrate that the plan has the support the local community.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of federal relief aid are at stake: we want to make sure that Nassau County gets a big piece of the pie and for this we need your support!

There are three direct ways you can show your support:

1. Sign this petition

2. Like us on Facebook 

3. Come cheer us on (and say hello!) at the open house exhibition of all ten Rebuild by Design projects that will take place on April 3 from 5PM - 8PM at the World Financial Center (250 Vesey Street, 29th Fl New York, NY 10281). RSVP is required for this event. Register at rebuildbydesign.org

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