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Unfortunate news from Sacramento today. After heavy lobbying from SeaWorld Assemblymember Bloom has decided to pull AB2140 until for…Read More

California Bill That Would End Orca Shows Stalls

ABC News
A California bill that sought to end killer whale shows at SeaWorld in San Diego and phase out their captivity was put on hold Tuesday, dousing an escalating fight between animal activists and supporters of the major tourist attraction. The bill's author, Democrat Richard Bloom of Santa Monica, agreed during the bill's first hearing before the…Read More

Killer whales, with chimps and elephants, are the three most intelligent animals after humans. They are highly socially oriented and normally live in close matriarchal family groups, often for their entire long lives. I find it inhumane to take them from such intimate relationships and train them…Read More

Mi Nayme

Gee Bens

I remember when Marineland, Palos Verdes was around. sea world san diego's Orca had died. They were hell bent to get replacements no matter what. They went to the holding company that owned Marineland. Bought Marineland from them and proceeded to close the park. They threatened the…Read More

Stop Orca Shows: Pass the "Orca Welfare and Safety Act"

Stop Orca Shows: Pass the "Orca Welfare and Safety Act"
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