It was the Parson/Canning Families that prompted me to begin this petition. On two occasions, I saw pages that needed to be removed and were so bad, the one especially brought me to vomit.  That is why they are not posted here.  I reported them because not only did I not want to see them, I was concerned about the Family seeing such disgusting pictures and phrases concerning their Daughter.  The message on the cover here is what I received from Facebook.  It began because of this family as well as Amanda Todd.  These families are still grieving and should not have to endure people making fun, showing hate and harassing them.

We can also take this further as the pages that poke fun at Justin Beiber or anyone else for that matter. It happens every day, I am sure that we do not need our Children, Grandchildren, Daughters, Sons, seeing these.  While Parents are trying to move forward by teaching their Children how to respect social media, Facebook is setting us back.  

By Facebook saying this content is not violating any of their terms, they are just as guilty as the people who post it!

They say there is power in numbers, please, let's prove it!  Not only should Facebook heed this message, but I truly hope our Governments do as well!


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