We To stop tiger hunting from happening in India by taking a petition to the present of India to address the problems that are happing. With over 100,000 tigers in the wild, a hundred years ago, we are left with as few as 3,200 today. The tigers once roamed the earth freely throughout Asia in the 1900s. Of the nine subspecies of tigers.

The Tigers in the wild signifies, healthy livelihood, protects the genetic diversity, and is the guardian and an indicator of a healthy forests. The tiger is at the top of the food chain. Therefore, the healthy presence of tiger population indicates healthy forests. The presence of tigers helps maintain the population of herbivores like Deers, Wild Buffaloes, Antelopes and Omnivores like Boars in the jungle. Nature is thus balanced with the right proportion of predators for prey. By taking away one important predator, prey will increase at the cost of habitat which finally impacts mankind.

Tiger is an umbrella species. It’s conservation automatically ensures the conversation of a large number of flora and fauna and entire ecosystems.

The tiger becomes the symbol for the protection of all species and is therefore called as an apex predator, an indicator of our ecosystem's health.

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