My goal is to educate the public of the suffering endured by captive animals. I want to make the general public aware of the mistreatment and unrealistic expectations put on these  animals.

Most people believe that zoos are a way to benefit and protect any endangered species, yet in reality, 2% of the worlds 6000-plus threatened or endangered species were registered in zoo breeding programs. It is clear from these statistics that zoo’s do very little to help save the worlds endangered species. Only three of eleven African elephant calves born in zoos since 1998 were still alive as June 2003, Of five Asian elephants born in the 12 months preceding June 2003, three are already dead. Also a fact that animals in captivity have a very shorter life span then those who are wild. For example, Wild elephants have a life span of 60-70 years of age yet the oldest elephant in captivity was the age of 55 years of age. Proving that exposing wild animals to captivity is worse for the welfare.    

Circuses that use animals are aggressively promoted as safe, fun, wholesome family entertainment. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Wild animals used in circuses originate from different parts of the world, and have unique and specific needs for diet, health, social interaction, stimulation, exercise and movement, living environment and climate. Yet circus animals are all trained similarly, and all live and travel together within the same conditions. It is impossible for the unique needs of every circus animal to be met. Outright neglect and mistreatment of animals in the circus is rampant through out the industry. 

If the animals that aren’t in risk of extinction weren’t kept in captivity, and the venues focused on those animals who are. The list and amount of endangered species would decrease. Also realising animals into the wild if they no longer need treatment.

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