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This article is heart-wrenching. It is the devastating story of , Clarisse Kambire, a young girl who was forced into work at the cotton…Read More

Victoria’s Secret Revealed in Child Picking Burkina Faso Cotton

Clarisse Kambire’s nightmare rarely changes. It’s daytime. In a field of cotton plants that burst with purple and white flowers, a man in rags towers over her, a stick raised above his head. Then a voice booms, jerking Clarisse from her slumber and making her heart leap. “Get up!” The man ordering her awake is the same one who haunts the…Read More

This article is a little bit longer than the other but it is worth reading. It has information about the legal side but also information…Read More

Child Labor for Victoria’s Secret Cotton Examined by U.S.

U.S. investigators are conducting a preliminary inquiry into forced child labor used in an organic and fair-trade cotton program that supplies the American lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret, a federal law enforcement official confirmed this week. Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, Limited Brands (LTD) Inc., said in an e-mailed statement…Read More
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