Overfishing occurs when fish and other marine species are caught faster than they can reproduce. It is the result of the growing demand for seafood around the world, combined with poor management of fisheries and the development of new, more effective fishing techniques. If left unchecked, it will destroy the marine ecosystem and jeopardise the food security of more than a billion people for whom fish are the primary source of protein.

Fishing methods and management needs to change. To many fish are being taken from the seas, 40% of the world’s trawling grounds are now in deep waters (200m)  In doing so, they are targeting species which are particularly vulnerable to overfishing because these species mature late and live long lives. We are taking these fish out of the fish stocks before they even get the chance to mature and breed. 52% of your fish stocks are fully exploited and only 1% are on their way to recovery.  19% of large predatory fish like tuna, sharks, cod, etc are already gone. Scientist predict that if current fishing trends do not change, worldwide fisheries could collapse entirely by 2050. Also by fishing in deeper water a common method of ‘down fishing’ or ‘bottom trawling’ we are destroying our deep sea coral reefs. The fishing nets that can weigh up to several tones can wipe out a whole coral reef and the damage that is being done can be seen from space.

I hope to have a big enough impact on the fisheries and recreational fisherman to make a small change over all. I hope to change the methods of fishing they use and how much fish they take out of the ocean.  We are able to sustain our fish stocks, for a health ecosystem and food chain, if we act now. I hope to educate the consumers about the damage they are doing to our oceans.  They should consider buying sustainably-sourced seafood and avoiding threatened species. We need to take action now! If we don’t the worlds fish stocks might be past the point of recovery. Losing species of fish will change the food chain of other marine life, dolphins, whales, penguins, jelly fish, etc. If we continue to over fish our waters we are at risk of changing our whole oceans ecosystem. We all depend on the fish stocks of the ocean.

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