My goal is to educate society and raise awareness of corporations which use slave labour to make their products. People need to know what they are funding by buying everyday products. They also need to know where these products are coming from and under what circumstances they were made.

Slavery is a huge global issue and is a problem in every country. Even though in countries like Australia people may not necessarily be buying/selling slaves or abusing and taking away children’s futures, we are still helping support and fund this problem just by buying products we use in our everyday lives.

Children are kept in a work environment constantly and must push themselves for every hour of the day with little, to no, food or they will be beaten or punished. They are paid only about a dollar a month if they are lucky. In most countries they receive nothing for their efforts and the conditions they work in are very unsafe. This is happening now in most countries around the world but is most common in countries such as:

-          Ethiopia (Domestics, Farm Hands, Gold Mines)

-          Pakistan (Nike Soccer Balls, Stitched Rugs, Musical Instruments, Sporting Equipment)

-          Burundi (Mining, Brick Making)

-          Afghanistan (Cement, Textile, Food Processing, Poppy Fields)

-          Zimbabwe (Chrome Mines, Diamond Mines, Gold Mines)

-          Democratic Republic of Congo (Iron Mining by Hand)

-          Sudan (Child Soldiers, Farm Labour, Sex Workers, Sex Slaves)

-          Somalia (Armed Conflict, Bodyguards, Sex slaves within militia)

-          North Korea (Factories, Fields, Labour Camps)

-          Myanmar (Child soldiers, military porters, farm labour, collect rubbish)

We must change this because the quality of life is far too low, for a large percentage of children, from around the world. Children should not be exposed to the harm of a workplace at such a young age for children are fragile. Being pushed so hard for so long, will create permanent physical and mental harm. Corporations are using slavery as a cheaper way to provide consumers with their products despite the injustice involved in this criminal industry.

If slavery was to be abolished it would create peace of mind for all consumers when purchasing products. It would give children a better future because it would allow them to get an education which would eventually lead to a career. It would help the economy of third world countries and could eventually lead to the end of poverty.

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