Why should you support this campaign?

Although, there are many reasons, the most vital reason is to honor
Dylan and keep his legacy alive because gun violence took his precious life.
Dylan: you are worth fighting for!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will never forget you and your nineteen friends. You will…Read More

Hunters and people that feel the need to take game, or protect your families... Do we really have the need for assault rifles and 30 round banana clips. The only ones that need those are our good soldiers in the military.

Young children should have their life ahead of them

make the Promise for Dylan

I am a great grandmother to eighteen little souls.. I cannot imagine any one of them being shot at school.. It breaks my heart to think about the Sandy Hook little ones and their families who have dealt with such a horrific happening.
My prayers and thoughts go out to you all. You little…Read More

I just think it's the right thing to do for those families. My best wishes.

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