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Join Ric O'barry In Switzerland For The Waza Dolphin Protest

Have you ever read that we as humans are to be the keepers of the earth? We were chosen to do so because we are the only ones on the planet who were given this instruction, because we have hands with which to work (such as writing to make a difference to the lives of the animals over whom we rule); we have minds and spirits to know what is right and what is wrong; and we have voices to make us heard when the innocent ones are abused, or slaughtered to fatten the coffers of other human brothers and sisters who seem to have lost their sense of right and wrong. We are here to protect the right of the innocents to live a good life. Have you ever dived with the dolphins? Do you know that they speak a language that we do not yet understand, but one day we will? They see with their hearts and hear with their ears and extend great benevolence to those of us who spend time in the sea, playing with them. They protect us from danger in the deep waters -- who has not read of dolphins pushing humans to shallower waters so that they can stand and walk away from the trouble that would have come their way? Who has had the great misfortune to see the dolphins being "harvested'; heard their screams; seen the sea awash with masses of dark, red blood? Do you know that in those instances humans trap them in nets and they are stabbed to death; and as these foul deeds are perpetrated, the sharks come from the other sides for a feeding frenzy? After all, what is easier to catch and rip apart than those trapped in nets in deep water? The enemy comes from both sides - the land and the seas. Is that how we "care" for the earth and its creatures? The words have been said: 'What you sow, you shall reap'. Do you know what is awaiting you once you leave this planet? What is awaiting your children if these horrific deeds go unchecked? If you can live with your spirit by doing nothing to stop the slaughtering of our fellow mammals, so be it, but beware the consequences'. for your life. If your spirit believes that only one voice can make a difference, please take this pledge to be a warrior standing against the cruelty of the world, and as Madiba used to say, 'It is never too late to do the right thing'. Draw the line that the enemy dare not cross, and Mark will take your quest further on 28 March 2014 in Switzerland on your behalf. Welcome to the Ring of Caretakers who will leave the planet in the pristine way in which we received it.

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