North West Action for Animals

Ivy Leak Kennels in County Durham is run by notorious puppy pedlar KEVIN KNOX.

Sick puppies are sold to unsuspecting families. Many puppies are dying within hours and days of arriving in their new homes and others require immediate costly veterinary treatment. This kennels has been investigated…Read More

Kay Witty

Friends and animal lovers please help me with my campaign... it would mean so much to have your suppport.

My husband and i picked up Molly our beautiful cav king charles pup from there nine yrs ago. We didnt have a clue what was happening behind closed doors. From day 1 we had problems with her…Read More

North West Action for Animals

Bobby had to be shaved bald, after a skin infection

Shut down Ivy Leaf Kennels in County Durham

This so called human being is running a PUPPY is NOT kennels. The mothers of all these puppies are kept in appaling conditions and never see the light of day. They are bred and bred and bred and when they are no longer any use to breed from, they are discarded, sometimes in the most…Read More

North West Action for Animals

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