Kiernan Hopkins wants to

Increase bicycle safety across the United States.

Inform the public and specifically the cycling community of bicycle safety tips and techniques to increase bike safety.

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This graphic is an illustration that has motion graphics highlighting and illustrating exactly how each of the 12 most common types of…Read More

Dooring - The Door Zone What Happens A driver opens their door in front of bicyclist and the bike can’t stop in time. The bicyclist is either knocked down, knocked into or forced to swerve into traffic, often being struck or runover by another vehicle. How to Avoid motorist should open their side door with right hand…Read More

Statistics and facts on cycling accidents in San Diego, CA. Most importantly this page provides an interesting map showing every bike…Read More

Cycling Accident Attorney in San Diego

Estey Bomberger Trial Attorneys
San Diego Bike Accident Lawyers While bicycling can be a fun and healthy alternative to driving, it’s also somewhat dangerous when all drivers don’t share the road as they should. By informing yourself of proper bicycle safety laws and the common causes of cycling accidents, you may help prevent and avoid accidents in the future. In the event…Read More
Kiernan Hopkins
Kiernan Hopkins Campaign leader

A Great Bicycle Safety Resource With An Awesome List of Bicycle Safety Related Materials, Including: Books, Graphics, Guides, Programs,…Read More

Bicycle Safety Education Literature and Safety Materials

General Bike Safety Information Basic Bicycling Safety Infographic Bicycle Driver Training Course Curriculum Outline Bicycle Driving Blog on a variety of topics touching bicycle safety Bicycle Laws and Statutes, State-by-State Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Tips: Essays on how to overhaul various parts of your bike. Bicycle Rules …Read More

New York Times article on some really interesting and cool tools and gadgets that bike riders can use to stay safer while riding...

Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety

Personal technology for health and fitness. In a widely viewed YouTube video, a cyclist named Casey Neistat, deliberately takes tumble after tumble while trying to navigate obstructed bike lanes in New York City.  The video is funny — it even includes a crash into a parked police car — but it also has struck a chord with bike commuters around…Read More
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