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Health Care Compact Campaign leader

Some thought Eric Cantor compromised on Obamacare. Could that have been part of the reason for his shocking loss?

Brat Defeats Cantor on Obamacare Opposition | Health Care Compact

Author:  Health Care Compact No one should fail to notice that Eric Cantor’s upset loss to David Brat in the GOP Virginia primary may have due in part to Cantor’s perceived compromise on Obamacare. Here is what Brat accuses Cantor of in a radio interview. The ad claims that Cantor "voted to fully fund Obamacare in…Read More
Health Care Compact
Health Care Compact Campaign leader

Obamacare is just like a cheap suit. We knew all along that a one- size-fits-all approach would never work.

Like a Cheap Suit | Health Care Compact

Author:  Health Care Compact Obamacare may be the law of the land, but states are patching it furiously to fix its most obvious defects. The AP reports: "States are saying, 'Boy, you know what? The process I had in place wasn't really sufficient,'" he said. "What you've witnessed over the last six months is…Read More

Need more proof that DC is laden with corruption and cronyism? Meet the man in charge of the IRS -- the organization that will run…Read More

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is major Democratic donor

Fox News
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is in the spotlight as he is set to further testify to Congress regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups. It is important to remember that Koskinen has shelled out nearly $100,000 to Democratic candidates and groups. Koskinen has been contributing to Democrats for four decades, starting with a $1000…Read More

Congratulations to Rep. James Lankford, the congressional sponsor of the Health Care Compact (HJR 110), on his win in the Oklahoma GOP Senate primary!

A friendly reminder: The same bureaucrats at the IRS who can't keep track of six months worth of emails are the same bureaucrats that will…Read More

IRS commissioner offers no apology for missing Lerner e-mails

Washington Post
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on Friday declined during testimony to apologize for years’ worth of missing e-mails to and from IRS employees, including former official Lois Lerner, a central figure in the agency’s tea party controversy. “I don’t think an apology is owed,” Koskinen said at a hearing with the House Ways and Means Committee, which…Read More
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