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Ratify The Health Care Compact

The federal Goverment has no place in making decisions on the Doctors we desire for our health care, nor the power to tell the doctor's how to treat us or if we should even have treatment . Last but surely not least to have implants placed in our body ,chips that will allow them to do God knows what to us . This is a a true invasion to our privacy and it's a big step in controlling us all . Wake up America we must stop this and never allow the mark of the beast forced on us , so please take action and help stop this act of a very dangerous Adminastration that is doing all it can do to change America into something that is so unconstitutional and totally controlling of our life's and freedoms we love and cherish that has been paid for by our military men and women's blood . We are the people and with enough of us standing up for our rights and we the people need to pull together white's, Blacks, browns, no matter what race what faith , we all need to stand together and we can stop this madness that's going on in Washington from Republicans, democrats .its we the people , not we the federal Goverment . God bless and please sign this document it's time to stand up America

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