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Shelia Cortes

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Sound The Whale Call To Save Our Seas

" When the men will have cut the last tree, caught the last fish, killed the last animal, then they will realise that the money is not edible." Sitting Bull. Then do not accuse God. And don't hide ourselves behind his name… He made us this wonderful present which is Life and Love. Let us look at the fact that we made, us, THE humanity... Our poor western spiritualities destroyed Love and Life of this magnificent planet. Let us look deeply in our consciousnesses and in our hearts. The causes and the consequences of our acts. The humanity charges at the highest price, with its egoism, its ignorance and its cowardice, to all existing forms of life on Earth, Mother of all any Life, And it is true in the cruelest way : THE SLAUGTHER OF MOTHER EARTH AND LIFE. Only some human beings became aware of it. A small minority, unfortunately. They fight for this, nobody sees, nobody knows. Have a beautifull day, our countdown has already start…since a long time now… ----------Pétitions Pour La Vie

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Megsther Work

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Sound The Whale Call To Save Our Seas

Please sign this petition to save the animals of the sea. The Ocean is polluted as the land and the air. We need to be mindful and stop using plastic. Plastic and other garbage is killing our ocean animals and contaminating the planet. We need to do our part and put the garbage where is belongs and stop using plastic bag among other things.. Please get involve and do your part.

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Azalea Cryssle Kyle Jamero

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Sound The Whale Call To Save Our Seas

This campaign matters to me because I know the founder and know that he is very passionate about this cause; this isn't just some gimmick. It's important because so many of us have pitched in to strive to make this happen. And most of all, it's important because our seas are too beautiful to be neglected. More and more of them are deteriorating and they simply do not deserve it.

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